Working with Respect and Professionalism

From separation proceedings to prenuptial arrangements and settling estates, we work with lawyers and firms to find the true value of residential properties.

We understand the stresses of these proceedings and pride ourselves on our professionalism, sensitivity and respect. Your clients are already going through enough, so they don’t need to worry about the appraisal process.

Our reports are always impartial, detailed and as accurate as possible. You can trust our deliberations and, if you have any questions, it’s our pleasure to walk you and your clients through the appraisal report.

Our Services

  • Mortgage Brokers

    Buying a new home is exciting, but it can also be stressful. When your clients need an appraisal, we know they need it fast. We're accurate, professional and go the extra mile to meet strict mortgage-sensitive timelines.

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  • Credit Unions

    You've built your reputation on high service standards and that's why The Appraisal Network is the perfect fit. We don't just do our job and run, we're there for the long-term, available to meet with you and your clients to explain the appraisal process.

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  • Banks

    You depend on accurate appraisals and we've built our reputation on getting it right. We're fair, honest and there when you need us.

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  • Personal Clients

    Whether you need an appraisal for capital gains from a rental property or you have a tax and estate planning proceeding, we can help you determine the true property value of a residential property in a timely, professional and cost-effective manner.

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